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The exposure to the alarming rate of increase of the chronic diseases while doing Medical Photography and the distressing experiences gained while doing a documentary on the Tsunami affected areas and tele-media non-commercials about the depleting Natural resources, especially that of Water bodies & Agricultural lands, owing to the prevailing social & political pressure, turn out to be an eye-opener and a turning point for VenKson to start exploring a way out of these sad state of affairs, which led to Organic Farming.

VenKson restructured the total business and entered full-fledged into Organic Farming Business and transferred the earlier business to a young Entrepreneur. After a long... journey in the Media & Entertainment sector, VenKson has taken a new expedition and NOW is an Organic Agro Unit dedicated towards promotion of Chemical Free Self-Sustaining Farming & Water Sheds, paving way to elevate farmers as a paramount icon of the society. The success of VEPL lies in their commitment to the cause, passionate honest efforts and innovative business strategies to achieve the set objective.

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