The Why

Modern, intensive agriculture causes many problems, including the following:

  • Artificial fertilizers and herbicides are easily washed from the soil and pollute rivers, lakes and water sources.

  • The prolonged use of artificial fertilizers results in soils with a low organic matter content which is easily eroded by wind and rain.

  • Greater amounts are needed every year to produce the same yields of crops.

  • Artificial pesticides can stay in the soil for a long time and enter the food chain where they build up in the bodies of animals and humans, causing health problems.

  • Artificial chemicals destroy soil micro-organisms resulting in poor soil structure and aeration and decreasing nutrient availability.

  • Pests and diseases become more difficult to control as they become resistant to artificial pesticides. The number of farmer-friendly insects that feed on the pests also decreases because of pesticide usage which further leads to habitat loss & unbalance of the eco-system.

Organic farming produces toxin free nutritious crops best for the health of not only mankind, but for all species.

  • It Increase long-term soil fertility & retains 40% more topsoil and enables the farmers to use the soil for a longer period of time to grow crops.

  • It ensures that water stays clean and safe.

  • It has the benefit of reduced carbon foot print and increased biodiversity.

  • It controls pests and diseases without harming the environment.

  • It uses resources which the farmer already has, so the farmer needs less money to buy farm inputs.

  • It assists in increasing the crop yield up to five-fold within five years.

  • It produces nutritious food, feed for animals and high quality crops to sell at a good price.

  • Products or foodstuffs produced from organic farming do not contain any sort of artificial flavors or preservatives and plays a major role in avoiding chronic illness.

  • Due to the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, the original nutritional content of food is preserved.

  • Cattle grazing on organic farmlands have been found to be less prone to diseases, and they yield more healthy milk.


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